The Ring allows all Petrolheads to test their skills in endurance races that take place there, with almost 170 participant every time. Cars are crewed by 2 up to 4 drivers with race durations from 4 up to 6 hours, up to the legendary Nurburgring 24H.

From novice to expert racing drivers you can hire our cars, perfectly prepared to face the three Championship with an all inclusive package. With us you can obtain the Nordschleife Permit, starting from the Grade C, up to grade B and A to race the Nurburgring 24h.


Glp Championship:

It's a time trial of 12 laps on the old track, practicable with any car normally German license plated and with only helmet mandatory. No need racing license

It must perform in two drivers, with possible driver change halfway through the race when filling the tank. 

It is the best way to start to race on the Nurburgring and to learn the track to a very accessible cost. 

(It is available the tutoring service at a cost of € 99,00 / hour). 

Available cars:  Ford Fiesta St, Suzuki Swift Sport Stage 1 and 2, Alfa 156, Renault Clio Rs, Seat Leon Cupra, Bmw 330 Coupe', BMW 325i, Renault Clio RS

Swift Sport

Racing dates:


02.04.2022 GLP 1

07.05.2022 GLP 2

02.07.2022 GLP 3 

20.08.2022 GLP 4

03.09.2022 GLP 5

09.10.2022 GLP 6


Rcn Championship

Evolution of Glp, you can only deal with a racing car, divided by classes, with clothing fully FIA approved and racing licence. 

The 15 laps of Green Hell, mixed with 4 at imposed time and the rest at maximum speed, can be made with one or two drivers, with possible driver change halfway through the race, when filling the tank. 

Suitable for drivers who already know the Nordschleife

(It is available the tutoring service at a cost of € 99,00 / hour). 

Available cars: Seat Leon Cupra, Honda Civic Type R, BMW 325i

Honda Civic Type R                                                              

Racing dates:


19.03.2022 Test Day

02.04.2022 RCN  1

07.05.2022 RCN  2 (24h Qualification race)

26.05.2022 RCN  3 (24h race)

02.07.2022 RCN  4

07.08.2022 RCN  5 (3h Spa Francorchamps)

20.08.2022 RCN  6

03.09.2022 RCN  7

09.10.2022 RCN  8 

29.10.2022 RCN  9 (3h Nordschleife + GP) 


Vln Championship

Top Championship at Nurburgring, divided by class, with the presence of gentlemen drivers and professional drivers of car manufacturers, that use the races to test and develop racing cars and new solutions to be taken on road cars. 

Endurance races, with 2-3-4 drivers per car dividing driving and cost and take place on two tracks, the North loop and the F1 track, properly joined. 

Suitable for experienced drivers (anyway you need a special licence). 

It is possible to test the car each Friday previous the races, at a cost to be determined.

Available cars: Honda Civic Type R, Seat Leon Cupra, BMW 325i

Seat SportHonda racing

Racing dates:


19.03.2022 – Test Day
26.03.2022 – 66. ADAC Westfalenfahrt
09.04.2022 – 45. DMV 4-Stunden-Rennen
23.04.2022 – 52. Adenauer ADAC Rundstrecken-Trophy
25.06.2022 – 44. RCM DMV Grenzlandrennen
09.07.2022 – ROWE 6h ADAC Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen
9-11.09.2022 – 12h Nurburgring
08.10.2022 – ADAC Barbarossapreis
22.10.2022 - DMV Munsterlandpokal 

The price includes: car rental, registration, supplies, fuel (for GLP races only 1*tank), transponder, tires, camera

The price does not include: damage to the car

Feel free to ask us for a quote!