Do you want to own the supercar of your dreams without paying the annual taxes?

Porsche, Ferrari, Bmw, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, new or used: buy it from us in Germany and leave it to N-rent for 3/4/5 years. At the end of the contract it will be yours, or you can sell it and buy another one. Included services: insurance, road tax, registration, transfer of ownership, road breakdown assistance in Europe and annual inspections.

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How does this service work? An example

Marco, owner of the greatcompany ltd, is a great car enthusiast, and for his 30th birthday decided to make himself a gift, with a BMW M4 Coupé. Marco, who is a very careful consumer, decides to rely on n-rent for the rental of his beast. Thanks to his choice he will obtain a great economic saving.

The steps

The new BMW M4 Coupè, with 480 HP, manual gearbox and M braking system, through n-rent costs € 82.000.

Which cars can I rent?

You can rent any car, new and used. Here are some examples

You can also

checkout other cars
Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2019,
549 CV (Km 30,000)

Price €100.000

48 installments of €180

Porsche 911GT3 2018,500HP
(Km 8.000)

Price €132.000

48 installments of €180

Annual tax, insurance, annual inspections and road breakdown assistance are included.

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What can the customer do during the contract?

The customer can at any time register the car in his own name, having in his hand the booklet, the ownership certificate and the sales contract included in the rental one.

Which license plates will I go around with?

For the first 4 years the car circulates with German plates while at the end of the contract it will be possible to decide whether to continue with the rental or with the registration in my home Country

Can I request modifications to the car?

It is possible to request all those modifications that can be approved in Germany, as example the addition of a rollcage.