Swift stage2


Swift Sport


Our improved "second baby" at Nurburgring, the perfect car for novice who want to start discover the track easily and with a very affordable price, and for expert who want have fun or get the minimun detail for the real knowledge of the circuit.

Thanks to the improved braking system, cockpit totally empty, full Wiechers rollcage, semi-slick tyres and Esp control system, you can tackle the track in all safety while having fun, as the fantastic handling will forgive all mistakes.



Inline 4

Displacement 1.6

Layout front transversal

Power 136 hp


Max Speed 210 km/h 


Front wheel drive

Semi slick tyres

MOTEC Racing 15" alloys lightweight

Weight: 1.000 kg

Coilover: H&R

Brakes: upgraded with braided hose + Endless racing pads MA45B Nürburgring compound

Sparco Pro 2000 VTR FIA Sport Seats

OMP harnesses

Full Wiechers rollcage

Sport air intake

Racing exhaust

Damage excess 4.500€ + vat

For a minimum of 4 laps we offer a personal insurance to down the maximum excess to 2.000 EUR. This personal insurance starts from 199 EUR for the first Driver and 79 EUR for the second. This need two days of forewarning for renting during weekdays and almost two/three days for weekend. The additional insurance is valid only on track.


Drive the Nurburgring

Fuel and lap tickets not included. Two drivers included in price. For all inclusive package, price on request. The price includes: car rental, supplies.

10 runden (laps) 6 runden (laps) 4 runden (laps) 2,5 runden (laps) extra runde (lap) selbstbeteiligung (excess for damage)
469.0 € 309.0 € 239.0 € 179.0 € 40.0 € 4500.0 €

Track Day

Two drivers included in price. Fuel and entrance fee not included. The price includes: car rental, supplies.

10 runden (laps) 15 runden (laps) 20 runden (laps)
479.0 € 639.0 € 799.0 €
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