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At his debut in the World Touring Car Racing championship, the I30N won the title with our friend Gabriele Tarquini. Developed on the Nurburgring race track, the all new N Performance is the queen of the corners, with its 275 hp and over boost you can experience the thrill of a real race car, customizing the 5 driving modes and adapting them to your driving style, you can adjust the parameters of the engine, suspensions, electronic stability control, electronic limited slip differential, engine sound, steering and Rev Matching.

Hyundai I30 N-Rent now available in your hand at Nurburgring Nordschleife!!



Inline 4

Displacement 2.0ℓ turbo

Power 275 HP, 353 Nm

N Performance:

Max speed 250 km/h


Gearbox 6-speed manual transmission

Front wheel drive with electronic limited slip differential

Weight: 1.429 kg

Brakes: Brembo

Belts: OMP 4 points

Tires: Pirelli P Zero 19"

Double sport exhaust with bypass valve

Launch control and over boost


Damage excess: 14.900€

For a minimum of 4 laps we offer a personal insurance to reduce the maximum excess to 2.500 EUR. This additional insurance starts from 299 EUR for the first Driver and 79 EUR for each extra Driver. This need two days of forewarning for renting during weekdays and almost three days for weekend. The insurance is valid only on track.


Public Driving

Fuel and lap tickets not included. Two drivers included in price. For all inclusive package, price on request. The price includes: car rental, supplies.

10 runden (laps) 6 runden (laps) 4 runden (laps) 2,5 runden (laps) extra runde (lap) selbstbeteiligung (excess for damage) mit Versicherung (excess with insurance)
899.0 € 629.0 € 449.0 € 319.0 € 90.0 € 14900.0 € 2500.0 €

Track Day

Two drivers included in price. Fuel and entrance fee not included. The price includes: car rental, supplies.

10 runden (laps) 15 runden (laps) 20 runden (laps)
899.0 € 1149.0 € 1439.0 €
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