Polo gti




The perfect car for beginners looking for the first time at the Nurburgring and for more experienced drivers, both will find absolute pleasure to drive in the perfectly balanced chassis of the Volkswagen Polo GTI. The gearbox is a six-speed DSG, the suspensions provide for stiffer springs and shock absorbers with increased anti-roll bars, with the possibility of selecting the "Sport Select" mode, which allows you to choose between two compression profiles and different extension. Racing endurance brakes, track-specific tires and electronic limited slip differential complete the equipment.


Inline 4

Displacement 2.0 L. turbo TSI DSG

Power 200 HP, 320 Nm

Max speed 237 km/h


Gearbox 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle-shift

Front wheel drive with electronic limited slip differential XDS

Suspensions: Sport Performance Kit adaptive, with electronic control

Weight: 1.285 kg

Brakes: Brembo

Belts: OMP 4 points

Sport performance tires

Double sport exhaust with bypass valve


Damage excess: 10.000€ without insurance/1.000€ with insurance

For a minimum of 4 laps we offer a personal insurance to reduce the maximum excess to 1.000 EUR. This additional insurance costs 249€ (299€ with barrier damages included) for the first driver and is valid only for incidents on track.


Public Driving (important advise: do not enter the track without extra insurance)

Fuel and lap tickets not included. For all inclusive package, price on request. The price includes: car rental, supplies, two drivers. INSTRUCTOR 39€ PER LAP

10 laps 6 laps 4 laps 2 laps excess w. insur. basic insurance
599.0 € 399.0 € 299.0 € 189.0 € 1000.0 € 10000.0 €

Track Day

Included in price: Two drivers, car rental, supplies. Fuel and entrance fee not included.

10 laps 15 laps 20 laps extra lap
609.0 € 799.0 € 999.0 € 55.0 €