Ice driving experience


Ice training complex on the lake Baltym (Russia): give yourself amazing drive, emotions, adrenalin and the opportunity to practice your driving skills


From January to March the ice tracks are open for riders from all over Russia and for tourists. You will experience the unique experience of controlled sliding.

Especially for you we have created a great travel package to the biggest Russian ice track. Experience an adrenaline drive, unforgettable emotions and the opportunity to improve your driving skills.

Baltymer Lake has the largest ice rink in the Urals. Riding at speeds over 160 km/h on the ice is an unforgettable experience for adrenaline fans.

We offer rental cars of various classes for training on the special track. Driving instructors have a great deal of experience in handling a wide range of vehicles: with front, rear and four-wheel drive, with mechanical, automatic transmissions and with a CVT. They have excellent experiences in rallye, drift and ice racing.


  • Pro driving course

  • Practical training

  • Fast laps with chronometers

  • Racing

  • Car rental and instruction

  • Travel and accomodation (2-3 days packages)


Toyota GT 86, Subaru STI, Lexus IS 250, Lada Turbo, Mazda Mx-5 Cup

Try to control the 300 HP of STI four wheel drive, on 4th gear at max revs, sideways in the longest interesting turns and almost squealed with delight!