Glp Championship dates

No needed racing license, it must perform in two drivers, with possible driver change halfway. It is the best way to start competing and learning the track at a very convenient cost; as in the public driving, in the Bridge to Gantry section you can try to make the best time, then the last 2 km slows down to satisfy at least the minimum time. Unlike the tourist driving there is no traffic, no motorbike and bus and it is a real 3 hour endurance race !! It take place on Saturday (the previous day it is possible to test the race car) and only cars with German license plates are allowed, regularly insured.

Our available cars, perfectly prepared for the track, are: Ford Fiesta St, Suzuki Swift Sport Stage 1 and 2, Alfa Romeo 156, Renault Clio RS 3, Bmw 330 Coupe', Seat Leon Cupra, Honda Civic Type R.

Race calendar:

06.04.2019 GLP - Race 1

04.05.2019 GLP - Race 2

18.05.2019 GLP - Race 3

06.07.2019 GLP - Race 4

17.08.2019 GLP - Race 5 Bilster Berg

24.08.2019 GLP - Race 6

05.10.2019 GLP - Race 7


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