Ford Fiesta St - Blaue Ecke Hotel

We reserve an incredible offer to our customers in partnership with the historic Blaue Ecke Hotel, situated in the cute town of Adenau.

2,5 laps with fuel and ticket included on our stunning Ford Fiesta ST right hand drive or left hand drive on Nurburgring race track and 1 night with breakfast included for two people in a wonderful double room at 299 €.

Ask us or Hotel for availability.

Ford Fiesta STblaue ecke

With its 2.0 L. aspirated 150 hp engine and its 1.000 kg weight and thanks to the improved braking system, the protection offered by Wiechers rollcage with cockpit totally empty, semi-slick tyres, ESP control system (never too invasive), you can tackle the track in all safety while having fun, the fantastic handling will forgive all mistakes.


Available both Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive