Terms of contract

Terms of the contract: this is an agreement between the participant (customer) and the Company Nring Service (the Company).  Without signing this document, the Company does not give permission to any person to participate in its events.  The Company, at its sole discretion, has the last word on what is acceptable and / or reasonable use of what is proposed by the applicant or provided.  The venue for any disputes is the Company registered office in Germany . 
Disclaimer: motor sports are dangerous and by signing this form and participating in the activities offered by the company the customer accepts the risk of serious injury or even death.  The Customer agrees to indemnify the Company, the Circuits, any organizer, from liability for any loss, damage and / or injury resulting from its participation in the proposed activities. 
The customer must always wear a safety helmet and drive safely and responsibly, must always be in good health, own a valid driver's license and be at least 18 years old.
There is no health care coverage for customers. 
In case of accident without guilt (during public driving), the customer can request, at his own expense, damage to third parties responsible for the accident. 
Customers are required to be courteous and helpful to other customers, the organizers, workers at the circuit, the public, other participants in the demonstrations, organized or not by the Company;  also they agree to not go beyond their own capabilities and those of the car, always take the attitude of a good family father in the management of the property of others. 
Using a rental car: the rates are inclusive of acceptable car wear and supplies;  the company decides what is an acceptable consumption. Rates do not include gasoline or registration fees, unless otherwise indicated.  The customer is responsible for all fines, costs, penalties attributable to the use of the car from the time of taking over and must obey all laws of the road. 
The car is provided for use on the circuit of the Nurburgring Nordschleife and public roads to drive from our office to the track.
The rates are calculated based on the mileage indicated, it follows that any excess mileage than agreed (ex distances to the restaurant, spectator areas) must be paid for separately, in addition to the increased consumption of gasoline. 
The Company reserves the right to change the vehicle booked by the customer based on changing weather conditions, availability of the vehicle, driver, asking the price difference in the case of supply of more expensive vehicle or releasing a voucher in favor of the customer in otherwise, to be used within 12 months. 
Customer responsibilities during a renting: The Customer (s) agree (s) to be financially responsible (s) for damages to rented cars as a result of accidents and repair costs as a result of mechanical failures, by the following amounts: public driving on the Nordschleife Ford Fiesta € 2.500, Suzuki Swift Sport and Alfa Romeo 156 € 3.000, Suzuki Swift Sport Stage 2 € 4.500, Bmw 330 € 6.500, Seat Leon € 10.000, Honda Civic Type R € 11.000; Trackday (Nordschleife or GP) Ford Fiesta € 3.000, Suzuki Swift Sport and Alfa Romeo 156 € 3.500, Suzuki Swift Sport Stage 2 € 4.500, Bmw 330 € 7.000, Seat Leon € 11.000, Honda Civic Type R € 12.000; Races Ford Fiesta € 3.000,00, Suzuki Swift Sport and Alfa 156 € 3.500, Suzuki Swift Sport Stage 2 € 4.500, Seat Leon € 15.000, Honda Civic Type R € 18.000; public roads Ford Fiesta € 3.000, Suzuki Swift Sport and Alfa Romeo 156 € 3.500, Suzuki Swift Sport Stage 2 € 4.500, other cars € 10.000. The customer (s) must provide a valid credit card to hold these amounts.
Third party liability is guaranteed with an excess of € 2.500,00. This coverage does not include the recovery costs of the rented car or of other vehicles involved, barriers damage costs, circuit costs, marshalls cost, also there is no coverage from third parties during any Trackday, during public driving on the Nurburgring GP and in any event not covered by the laws of road traffic, for off-road driving or for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or psychotropic substances wherever you are. 
The customer remains fully liable in the event of gross negligence, as for example (but not limited at) dangerous driving, driving without a valid driver's license, any form of illegal driving, for off-road driving, for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or psychotropic wherever you are. 
In such cases the customer is responsible for the full value of the hired car and the entire damage caused to persons and/or property of third parties. The customer is liable for the loss of ticket card released by the Company, up to a maximum of € 1.000,00.
All damage, large or small, should be immediately reported to the Company, as well as any suspicion of malfunction;  continuing to drive a car that is suspected malfunctioning or after any incident however small, can cause serious accidents, in which case the Company is completely exempt from liability.  The attribution of an accident to a technical fault does not automatically exempt the customer from liability (for example due to damaged tires as a result of repeated use of the curbs, drivng too aggressively, restarts after any spin and/or off the road/track , driving beyond the limits of the car). Each car is equipped with a transponder which records the mileage, any mistake on gears usage and over-rev that can cause serious damage to the engine; in case of over-rev the following penalties will be applied: € 50,00 every 100 revs exceeding the tacho red line; over 500 revs more then red line, the engine must be checked at Customer costs. In case of engine damages the Customer is fully responsible for any repair costs. 
The payment of the allowances referred to above or of any repair costs not entitle the customer to withhold the replaced pieces or the car itself. In case of an accident in which the Company believes that the damage commit more than 40% of the excess above reported, the Customer agrees to immediately pay the entire amount; if the total actual costs incurred by the Company are lower than this amount, the difference will be refunded; if the repair costs are contested, the car will be evaluated by an insurance expert at customer expenses. 
Signing this contract the customer expressly authorizes the company to charge all costs associated and previously mentioned on any credit card or any other security provided as collateral. 
Drop-off: all cars are checked before delivery and after drop-off and must be returned in the same condition of fuel level as at delivery (in case of basic rental) and with fuel specification min. 98Ron; this specification must be proved by Customer with petrol station receipt, without this proof the tank must be emptied and fuel checked at the customer's expense. If the customer does not provide to refuel the car (in case of basic rental), he must pay a service fee of 3,00€ per liter missing in tank. On vehicles returned with internal damages (ex. by cigarettes, food, beverages and/or other substances), or too much dirty, will be calculated additional expenses for accommodation and/or cleaning. In no case is allowed to have a vehicle owned by the Company or loaned to it or use any title granted, overtime daily evening of return, even in the case of hiring more continuous days; in this case it will be returned by the customer in the evening for the custody and handed back the day after for the remaining rental time.
Cancellation and closing of the circuit: all the events will take place regardless of the weather forecast, unless the organizer cancels the event and/or the circuit closes for the rest of the day, due to extraordinary circumstances. In this latter case, the rental will be rescheduled at a later date, or may be released to the customer a gift certificate valid for 12 months. 
The cancellation by the customer within five days to the agreed date of car pickup will not be entitled to any refund of paid fees.
In case of kilometers or unused lap in a reservation due to temporary closures of the circuit, or because of long queues due to overcrowding, they will be rescheduled for another date.
The Company is not bound to refund if the laps or kilometers not used are caused by excessive loss of time by the customer (ex. long breaks between laps, lost time to the parking, to the restaurant etc.).
In no case is provided a refund or reprogramming in case the Customer does not collect the car or change his mind after complete payment of reservation, in case of misrepresentations, dangerous behavior, exclusion from the track by the operators of the circuit, accidents, submitting false or expired documents, including credit cards; in all cases of declarations and/or forged documents the customer is liable for all costs attributable to the Company following the use of cars. 
There are no supplementary agreements in this contract. If any provision of this agreement is deemed wholly or partially invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. 
The Customers agree that this agreement is entered into between them and a German Company, bound by German law. 
I have read, understood and agreed to the terms of the contract above: 
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