Ford fiesta st nurburgring

Ford Fiesta ST 150

ford racingford St

Our "baby" at Ring, the perfect car for novice at Nurburgring who want to start discover the track easily and with a very affordable price, and for expert who want have fun or get the minimun detail for the real knowledge of the circuit.

With its 2.0 L. aspirated 150 hp engine and its 970 kg weight and thanks to the improved braking system you can tackle the track in all safety while having fun, the fantastic handling will forgive all mistakes.

Suitable for novices in Touristenfahrten, Track DaysGlp races.

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Inline 4

Displacement 2.0

Layout front transversal

Power 150 hp


Max Speed 210 km/h


Gearbox 5-speed manual transmission

Front wheel drive

Weight: 970 kg

Fuel tank: 45 l

Roll Cage: Wiechers Sport

Coilover: KW

Brakes: Slotted discs with braided hose + race pads 

Exhaust: Remus

Air intake: Mountune

Damage excess 3.000€ without insurance/1.680€ with insurance

For a minimum of 4 laps we offer a personal insurance to down the maximum excess to 1.680 EUR. This insurance costs 99 EUR and is valid only for crash events on track (not over revving or miss shift).

Public Driving (important advise: do not enter the track without extra insurance)

Fuel and lap tickets not included. For all inclusive package, price on request. The price includes: car rental, supplies, two drivers. INSTRUCTOR 39€ PER LAP

10 laps 6 laps 4 laps 2,5 laps 1,5 laps excess w. insurance basic insurance
399.0 € 269.0 € 199.0 € 159.0 € 139.0 € 1680.0 € 3000.0 €

Track Day

Included in price: Two drivers, car rental, supplies. Fuel and entrance fee not included.

10 laps 15 laps 20 laps Extra lap
399.0 € 549.0 € 709.0 € 40.0 €